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  • Select one of our four sizes of Chicken Coops - Then select the options you want below
XL Chicken Coop
5'x8' Coop
Price: $895.00
Large Chicken Coop
4'x8' Coop
Price: $750.00
Medium Chicken Coop
4'x6' Coop
Price: $650.00
Small Chicken Coop
3'x4' Coop
Price: $450.00
Attached Enclosure
Attaches to back of 3'x4' Coop
Price: $175.00
  • Chicken Coop Options - These options are available on any Chicken Coop!
Enclose Coop in the Winter
Price: $50.00
Flower Holders
Flower Box and (2) Baskets
Price: $50.00
Clear Roof
Take advantage of the sun
Price: $100.00
Light Switch
Just plug in Ext. Cord
Price: $50.00
Feel free to add any of these options to your coop!

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